Port Tires

Discover our range of performance port solutions that maximizes productivity with superior compounding, performance and tire life in all your port and marina operations.

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All-steel radial industrial tires designed for heavy loads and long cycle times in port and marina applications. Belt-stabilized tread provides better traction, longer tread life and lower heat build up than bias construction tires.


  • Belt-stabilized tread provides better traction and wear performance
  • Extra wide profile and reinforced sidewall for improved stability
  • Tread patterns designed to maximize tread life
  • Cut and wear resistant compound
  • High quality casing allows for excellent retreadability


SizeRatingTypeRimO.D.S.W.T.D.Infl.L.C.C. (lbs/kg)L.I.
inmminmm32ndsmmpsi/Kpa15 mph/25 kph
10.00R20***TT 7.5041.91064 11.2285 4435 145/1000 15210/6890166A5
12.00R20***TT 8.50 44.81138 12.0305 5241 145/1000 20410/9230176A5
12.00R24***TT 8.5049.41255 12.5317 5241 145/1000 21450/9750178A5
14.00R24***TT 10.00W55.61411 15.0382 7963 145/1000 33020/14950193A5
14.00R24***TL10.00W55.61411 15.0382 7963 145/1000 33020/14950193A5
14.00R25***TL10.00/1.555.61411 15.03827963 145/1000 33020/14950193A5
16.00R25***TL11.2559.3150617.24366854145/1000 30900/14000200AS
18.00R25***TL13.00/2.564.8164519.75008164 145/1000 50180/22750207A5